Rachel Hood

What I love about what I do is connecting to people, hearing their concerns, and bringing them together to solve problems.

I am a leader because I don’t give up on issues in our community because they are hard or will take too long to achieve. I lead when I face needs, gather data, listen to many voices, and make informed decisions to move our community forward.

Mentors help others articulate a vision for themselves, whether that is mentorship in the context of career, marriage, parenting or other important aspects of life. Mentors call you to a higher standard by simply being themselves and empowering others. Like many who have been shaped to have a heart for service, l count my parents as my first mentors. They did not allow me to quit and modeled community service throughout my formative years. I was also surrounded by many mentors in my faith community as a young adult. My mentors have inspired me with their determination, hard work, and by living out their values fearlessly. Today, I am thankful to have Representatives Winnie Brinks and David LaGrand mentoring me as I pursue my path to Michigan’s House of Representatives.

My advice to those I mentor? Lay out a vision for yourself, work that plan daily, and take the risks that are necessary to realize your dream.

I’m running for the Michigan House because I have a vision for our future that depends on delivering effective education, affordable healthcare for all, equal access to opportunity, and clean water.

Rachel Hood
For Michigan House District 76

Rachel Hood says serving the Grand Rapids community is a way of life. She has led and contributed to initiatives in West Michigan for nearly twenty years. She and her family of four are “all in” for making Michigan the Greatest Great Lake State once again.

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