I lead because I’m a mom, a daughter, a wife, a neighbor, and an engineer. I’m driven to have a positive impact on those around me so that I can help my family and my community.

Running for office has been a great experience and an opportunity to give back in every way that I can. When I first met Chris we were both advocating on similar issues. Her approach, her inclusiveness, her can-do attitude was something that resonated with me instantly. The Fund has helped me, not just financially, but in creating a larger circle of women leaders of which I am now a part.
My husband and kids have been on this incredible journey with me as my biggest advocates and supporters. When they were younger, they came with me to represent and support me, and now as young adults, they have taken their own paths to making our world a better place. For me, leading by example has been very rewarding and it’s something I continue to strive for in my political career.

Padma Kuppa
For Michigan House District 41

Padma Kuppa says that if you love something, help it thrive! That’s how she feels about Michigan, a state she fell in love with while raising her children and why she runs to represent Troy and Clawson in Lansing.

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