I lead to find real solutions. I lead to make things better for real people. I have always been more interested in fixing things that are broken than scoring points or pushing an ideology. I lead to get things done.

Chris is a true servant leader who exudes the idea that we all succeed together. When we first got together I had just filed my paperwork to run for the Michigan House and had no idea what to expect. Chris spent time with me and made sure I truly understood what I needed to do to reach and make a positive impact on voters.

I have been fortunate to have many mentors in my life—most of them female. From Pam Voss-Page, the Executive Director of Student Leadership Services, to Christena Gunther, the co-founder of the Chicago Cultural Accessibility Consortium. I also have my amazing mother, Charlotte Lothian, a retired teacher, musician, and philanthropist.

In addition to the great support I receive from Christine Greig and the Michigan House Democrats, I would not be able to do this without the enthusiasm and encouragement of my husband, Christian, and daughter, Lucy. I am also grateful to have a small team of grassroots advocates helping plan events, organize mailings, and knock on doors. Financial support has thus far come entirely from individual grassroots donors who have known me for years and many who I have just met.

I believe it is time for women to be heard and have a representative that will understand and fight for their needs and those of their families. Running for office as a woman can be difficult, but I am finding that most people are excited and receptive. I look forward to working with all the women who will win in November.

Laura Dodd
For Michigan House District 44

Laura Dodd lives in Milford Township with her preschooler, Lucille, her husband, Christian, and her rescue dog, Sally. After working behind the scenes in politics for years, Laura is excited to get personally involved in helping her community pave a smart, and innovative way forward.

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