Julia Pulver

I lead because I know that no one else has my exact skills, knowledge, or experience. If I don’t lead on the things I know best, who else will? I lead because I always have; following or waiting for someone else to get it right has never been my style.

Running for office as a woman has been eye-opening. We like to believe that we live in a post-feminist society where gender doesn’t make a difference. We like to think that we are enlightened enough to look past anything beyond policy, platform or ideals, and support candidates purely based on merit. As a woman running and who continues to vocally support other women running, I can sadly report that there is still a deeply seeded sense of sexism and misogyny in our culture that is extremely difficult to overcome. Sure it no longer takes the blatant form it once did. Today’s sexism comes with questions and statements like, “why would you want to run when your kids are so young?” and “we can’t have too many women on the ticket” and the incessant mansplaining of subjects of which we are the credentialed experts. This is the new wave of sexism, and the new wave of feminists are running in record numbers to shut it down.

My biggest supporters are my husband and my family, including my four kids and my mother. I also count on the support of my Emerge Michigan sisters and my constituents. When I first had the call to run, Rep. Chris Greig and the GWLF offered me crucial support and mentorship. As I continue to grow in my current candidacy, and my role in progressive politics in general, Chris is the person I come back to time and time again for advice, direction and support. And she never, ever, lets me down.

Julia Pulver
For Michigan State Senate 15th District

Julia Pulver is a proud mother, whose four children inspire her to make Michigan a safer and more just place to live. A registered nurse, entrepreneur, and nursing consultant, Pulver has over a decade of experience in patient advocacy and public health

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