Julie Brixie

I want to lead in a way that serves the citizens of Michigan and inspires women across our state to run for public office. We need policies that put our people first and that fight injustice and oppression. Also, we need women to run and ensure we are represented at all levels of government.

I began my political career in 1998, after my neighbors heard my ideas and asked me to run for our Township board. I took them up on the challenge and never looked back. Today, having the opportunity to help people throughout our state and shape public policy is incredibly rewarding, and knowing that I got here on my own merit and hard work is one of my biggest sources of pride. Most importantly, I’m excited to set an example for younger women—to show them that we can hold high political positions, and that we know how to get the job done.

Ultimately, politics is still a male-dominated world. To succeed, women must lift each other up and stand behind one another. When I became a candidate, I was a scientist-turned-stay-at-home mom. I needed to be asked to run multiple times by people who believed in me, and for them to convince me that I was qualified. I needed support from my husband at home, and to know that my kids weren’t going to suffer due to my leadership. I know many female candidates face similar doubts and challenges, and mentorship and guidance from women who have been there is key to overcoming them. I started the Brixie Blue Wave Fund political action committee to provide this support, and we funded 19 different candidates last year. 2018 in particular showed the world that women are ready to change the world if given the chance. Let’s step up to help elect other female candidates and leave a positive legacy for our children and grandchildren.

Julie Brixie
For Michigan House District 69

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