We believe that women in leadership should be the norm, not the exception.
Because women in government sponsor more bills, pass more laws, and send more money back to their districts.
We believe that when women lead, everybody wins.

We believe the time has come for a change.
Because of the 148 elected offices in Michigan, only 52 are held by women.
We believe that more perspectives and more voices mean a more effective government.

We believe that you can’t be what you can’t see.
Because supporting women in leadership is essential for our present and our future.
We believe in laying the foundation for the next generation of female leaders.

We believe that talents are not gender-specific.
Because the opportunity to lead brings out the best in men and women.
We believe in building bridges and connecting talents for a stronger state.

We believe in a new kind of leadership.
One that brings everyone to the table, taking a broader world view.
We believe in common values, working toward the common good.

We believe in committing to one another.
Because leadership isn’t done alone.
We believe we’re in this together.

Join us.
Help more women get elected into office in Michigan.

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