Mother’s Day is a time to reflect on how much our moms mean to us, and also to remember our women leaders in Michigan. Many of them are moms themselves, who couldn’t have gotten where they are without the support of their own families, children, and partners who step up to the challenge. Their families are a source of inspiration, motivation and support that makes it possible for these amazing women to lead our state.

The Greig Women in Leadership Fund fund provides women with a different, but fundamental kind of support: The kind they need to run a campaign, including mentorship, connections to donors, and financial backing for their individual campaigns. I started this leadership fund because I strongly believe that giving progressive women more opportunities in Michigan politics will result in a wider perspective and more successful policies.

You can get to know the women who lead and the families who support them in our new Mother’s Day series. You’ll learn about moms like Padma Kuppa, an Indian-American woman running to flip House District 41 (Troy and Clawson) from Republican to Democrat. You’ll hear from Julia Pulver, a registered nurse, entrepreneur, and public health advocate running to flip a seat in Oakland County for the State Senate. We have also been working with Rachel Hood and Alberta Griffin, both strong candidates and proud moms whose families constantly inspire them to make our state a better place to live.

Mother’s Day is a time to remember the women in our lives who we love, and also to consider how we can continue to work toward values that our strong moms hold so dear.

Since our launch in 2016, the Greig Women in Leadership Fund has supported first-time women candidates running for state and local offices in Michigan and championed the women who were already taking on the challenges of holding public office. But we have so much more to do in the 2018 election. We need more women in the State House and Senate to strengthen our influence in determining policy priorities, democratic initiatives and passing legislation.

Please join us in celebrating Mother’s Day by supporting women leaders in Michigan with your donation. Your investment represents the strongest kind of female leadership—motherhood.

The women in our community are noteworthy. They are leaders, they are fighters, and they are advocates. Now it’s your turn to advocate for them. It’s a fact that women in office get more done: they sponsor more bills, pass more laws, and send more money back to their districts than their male counterparts. But even though women make up half the population, only 24% hold offices in Michigan. For many, it’s because they simply don’t have the financial and mentorship support they need to run. The Women in Leadership Fund is setting out to change that. With your help, we can provide women with the support they need to get elected to offices in Michigan. These are women who will lead insightful policy, fight for the issues you care about, and advocate for your rights. The time to act is now. Join us today.

We had so much fun creating the “Why I Lead” series, and we wanted to share some behind-the-scenes images with you.

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