When I began this leadership fund, I knew that progressive female candidates in Michigan could be more successful given the right support. We have come together through this fund to provide wider perspective, more successful policies, and, ultimately, to create a better place for us to live. The Greig Women in Leadership Fund provides candidates with the support they need to run for office. This includes mentorship, connections to donors, and financial backing for their individual campaigns.

You have helped us support women running for state and county offices in Michigan since our launch in 2016. Now we have more work to do. This November, we are supporting several candidates who are running to take seats in the State House and Senate—ones that are currently held by Republicans. We are all counting on your support to help them flip these crucial seats.

Join us for a special event on September 17th featuring our “Why I Lead” series, where you’ll get a closer look at what motivates and inspires the women this fund supports. It’s a unique event, where you’ll also have the chance to meet and speak with our inspiring panel of candidates running for office across the state of Michigan.

Get to know the women who can help Democrats gain majority in the Senate and House: Padma Kuppa, candidate for State Representative in District 41; Erika Geiss, candidate for State Senate in District 6; Alberta Griffin, candidate for State Representative in District 61; and Mari Manoogian, candidate for State Representative in District 40. The panel will be moderated by Vicki Barnett, former House Democratic Whip and Mayor of Farmington Hills. All of these women have unique experiences and motivations for their involvement in politics, but what unites us all is that we are working hard to see more progressive leadership in our government.

We’ve accomplished a lot in the last few years, but we need your help to maximize our impact on democratic initiatives and policy priorities. We need more progressive women in the State House and Senate to strengthen our influence in determining policy priorities, democratic initiatives and passing legislation.

We are counting on your support. Together, let’s flip the House and the Senate. Are you with us?

The women in our community are noteworthy. They are leaders, they are fighters, and they are advocates. Now it’s your turn to advocate for them. It’s a fact that women in office get more done: they sponsor more bills, pass more laws, and send more money back to their districts than their male counterparts. But even though women make up half the population, only 24% hold offices in Michigan. For many, it’s because they simply don’t have the financial and mentorship support they need to run. The Women in Leadership Fund is setting out to change that. With your help, we can provide women with the support they need to get elected to offices in Michigan. These are women who will lead insightful policy, fight for the issues you care about, and advocate for your rights. The time to act is now. Join us today.

We had so much fun creating the “Why I Lead” series, and we wanted to share some behind-the-scenes images with you.

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